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What resources will I need in Mr. Denson's Class?

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    Below is a list of the classroom supplies you will need for social studies class:

    (I will rely heavily on students' laptops to keep work digital because I have found that it is easier for them to keep up with their assignments. However, we will work on physical pieces in class that students will need supplies for!)


    1. Two-pocket folder w/your name on it (I would suggest putting my name or S.S. on it as well)

    2. Spiral notebook or paper (I would suggest one large notebook or two seperate notebooks for each semester)

    3. Pecils (I do not keep lead in my class but I do have spare pencils unless students do not turn them back in)

    4. Your desired coloring utensil (crayons, colored pencils, or markers)

    5. Personal sharpener (there will be one in class but it cannot be used for colored pencils)

    6. A glue stick (please no liquid glue R.I.P. all the new bookbags I have seen ruined by glue bottles!)


    Optional supplies I have seen students use in the past:


    7. Personal stapler (to keep work together when turning in)

    8. Highlighters

    9. Copy paper (we make posters and some students don't like the lines in their artwork)

    10. Colored copy paper 

    11. Pens (as long as I can read your work I do not care if it is written in pen or paper)


    General classroom supplies (I know these will be harder to come by this year!):


    12. Hand sanitizer

    13. Sanitizing wipes

    14. Tissues


    If you would like to donate any of the above supplies it is greatly appreciated!