Physical Science 2021-2022

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    Course Description: 

    Physical Science is an 18 week course designed as a survey course of chemistry and physics. This curriculum includes more abstract concepts such as the conceptualization of the structure of atoms, motion and forces, and the conservation of energy and matter, the action/reaction principle, and wave behavior. Students investigate physical science concepts through experience in laboratories and fieldwork using the processes of inquiry

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    Course Objectives:

    SPS1. Students will investigate our current understanding of the atom.

    SPS2. Students will explore the nature of matter, its classifications, and its system for naming

    types of matter.

    SPS3. Students will distinguish the characteristics and components of radioactivity.

    SPS4. Students will investigate the arrangement of the Periodic Table.

    SPS5. Students will compare and contrast the phases of matter as they relate to atomic and

    molecular motion.

    SPS6. Students will investigate the properties of solutions.

    SPS7. Students will relate transformations and flow of energy within a system.

    SPS8. Students will determine relationships among force, mass, and motion.

    SPS9. Students will investigate the properties of waves.

    SPS10. Students will investigate the properties of electricity and magnetism.