• About Me

  • My name is Rachel Odendahl, and I'm so excited to be here and to get to know all of you! Here is a little about me, if you're interested to know:


    First off, I know my last name looks a little scary! You can think of it as Odin, as in the Norse god, plus Dahl, like Roald Dahl. Odin + Dahl = Odendahl! (My Dad's side has a bit of German lineage - that's where the crazy name comes from!)

    I'm from Georgia and spent parts of my life in different areas of the state, but I also spent a couple years in Canada when I was young.  Most recently I lived in Canton, which is up in the northwest corner near the mountains, so I'm new to Henry County and excited to be here!

    I hold a bachelor's degree in Music Education from Georgia State University, and my main instrument is clarinet. I also play other instruments and sing! It is my passion to share my love of music with the next generation, so I can't wait to teach and learn with everyone at TRE.

    I also enjoy other hobbies outside of music, like reading, painting, knitting, and hiking! As you can tell, the arts and nature are my jam. 

    I'm a vegetarian/pescetarian, so some of my favorite foods are falafel, spinach salad, cheese pizza, and grilled tilapia. I also love coffee and all kinds of tea!

    I don't really have one favorite color, but some of my favorites are purple, teal, and yellow.

Photo of me with my clarinet
  • If you ever need to reach me for any reason, my email is rachel.odendahl@henry.k12.ga.us. I will always be happy to help if I can!


    I'm looking forward to a wonderful year ahead of us!