• What is the reading requirement?

      • Each student will be responsible for turning in a 14-book reading document at the end of the year.
      • This document will be completed in their Google Classroom.
      • I will be conferencing with students each term about their progress.
      • Students will keep track of the book's Lexile level and total amount of pages completed.
      • School rewards will be earned for reaching their goal.
      • Students will be reading a variety of genres on the reading log. 

      How can I help my child?

      • Be sure to check infinite campus for your child's grades. 
      • Make sure they are reading every day. 
      • Attendance is vital to their success in middle school. 

      How will the class period be organized?

      • Lessons will be focused on grammar, reading, and writing. 
      • The class will begin with a mini-lesson and/or teacher read-aloud. 
      • Students will reflect on the daily lesson. 
      • Students will work through the lesson with the teacher. 
      • Then they will be given time to work independently. 
      • I will remain online with all students to ensure they don't have any questions. 
      • At the end of the period, I will end with a closing and review any additional instructions they need to follow.