8th Grade Georgia Studies

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    Course Instructors:   

     Mr. Randy D. Quincey II: Contact Me                    

    Course Description

    Students will trace the history of Georgia in the context of the development of the South and the United States. The chronological focus of the course includes a geographic overview, earliest inhabitants of Georgia, foundation of Georgia in the eighteenth century through the state’s development in the twentieth century. Students also examine the characteristics of state government, public issues and citizen rights and responsibilities. In addition, the students will explore contemporary and historical comparisons of state and national political institutions.


    GEORGIA STUDIES | Grade 8 | Course Guide

    First Nine Weeks

    Second Nine Weeks

    • Geography & Economic Growth in Georgia
    • Early Exploration of Georgia
    • Colonial Georgia
    • Revolution to Independence
    • Foundations of Georgia's Government
    • Statehood and Westward Expansion in Georgia
    • The Civil War in Georgia
    • Reconstruction

    Third Nine Weeks

    Fourth Nine Weeks

    • Georgia and the Long Civil Rights Movement
    • The New South
    • Georgia through Conflict
    • Post WWII and 20th Century
    • Local Government and Juvenile Justice in Georgia
    • Personal Finance
    • Milestone Review
    • End of Year

    Board-Approved Grading Scale

    A  100 - 90

    B  89 - 80

    C  79 - 74

    D  73 - 70

    F  69 and below

     * Student grades in all courses are cumulative (August through May) and will be calculated based upon year-long grading averages.


    Grading Explanation:

    Grading Policy (Category Weights)

    • Practice Work: Max 40%

    Classwork, homework, HCS formative assessments, written reflections (accuracy or completion).

    • Assessment: Max 40%

    Tests/Projects, quizzes, constructed response assessments, reflective assessments, and culminating performance tasks.

    • Final Exam: 20%

    Assessments over the totality of standards for the course such as End of Course (EOC) Tests or final exam.


    Late Work/Absent Policy

         Assignments that are not submitted on time will receive an “M” (missing) within Infinite Campus gradebook. All work assigned an “M” (missing) within Infinite Campus will remain as such during the term in which the assignment was due. Upon the completion of the term, any assignment that is not submitted, as required, will then result in the student receiving a grade of zero (0%) to remain permanently within the gradebook. Finally, all assignments submitted after the assigned due date will receive a late penalty and will be graded accordingly contingent upon satisfactory completion of all requirements within the assignment.   

         In the case of an excused absence, make-up work is accepted for the number of days’ absence plus one day, unless special arrangements have been agreed upon.   Tests missed during an absence must be made up in a timely fashion.   If a student returns to school on a test date that was announced prior to the student’s absence, then the student must take the test as regularly scheduled unless there are extreme extenuating documented circumstances. 



    1. Students are expected to complete all assignments in a timely manner.
    2. Students are expected to bring materials to class daily. 
    3. Students are expected to bring appropriate writing materials and textbook as indicated.
    4. Students are expected to respect the instructor, peers, school personnel, school, team, property or the subject matter we will cover throughout the year.
    5. Maturity and Courtesy will be demonstrated at all times.