STEM Remote Learning Plan

  • Materials needed at home for students who will continue with Remote Learning

    When we begin our next round of Specials rotations (beginning September 28), students will need to following items available at home for the STEM Lab. (Students coming to school for face-to-face will have materials provided in the classroom).


    Keep in mind, your child may not come back to STEM the first week back.  

    glue stick
    paper towel rolls
    styrofoam (like an egg carton)
    paper Clip
    empty cereal or klennex boxes
    yarn or old shirt
    crayons or colored pencils


    Videos for Family STEM Discussions


    NASA Planner/Calendar Contest (DUE by 10/28)


    Sub Plans for STEM Lab - Only use these plans if Ms. Copeland is NOT in  the STEM class.  If it is a scheduled absence, Ms. Copeland will provide instructions on the google classroom.