• Sanchez-Diaz

    In 2002, I graduated with honors at Higher Institute of Nuclear Sciences and Technology in Havana, Cuba. Being chosen as the valedictorian was a reason for joy and at the same time it was not because I was sent to work at the Minister of Science, Technology, and Environment in Cuba. Yes, I said "sent" because in a communist country like Cuba you could be forced to work at a place you don't like to but the government wants you to be. 

    In 2003, under a government assignment, I was sent to Costa Rica to participate in a workshop the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons held there. I took advantage of the trip to request political asylum to the Costa Rican government of the time. That is how I started a new life in a democratic country.

    In 2005, I got my first job teaching at the Saint Martin High School in Santa Ana, Costa Rica. This was a truly enriching 5-year journey. I taught mostly Math and Physics and learned to love teaching and understood the impact I had in students' lives.

    In 2011, after a year of teaching Physics and being the Science Department Head at the Jaim Weizman Institute, I made the decision to emigrate to the United States where most of my family lived.

    After two  years of a working on a teaching certification process, I started my teaching career in this country teaching Math, Science, and Physics at different levels: Pivot Charter School in Broward County, Florida (2013-2014); Doctors Charter School of Miami Shores (2014-2015) in Miami, Florida; Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High School in Miami, Florida (2015-2019); South Atlanta High School in Atlanta, Georgia (2019-2020); and now a proud wolverine since July 2020 at Union Grove High School.