HCS Grading Policy

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    The following grading system shall be used in the District:

    Grades will be assigned to show mastery of standards or progress towards, mastery of standards.  Standard grading practices should be adhered to, as outlined for the following grade levels.

    Academic Grades - grades that should only reflect the mastery of, or progression towards the mastery of the standards. 
    Non-Academic Grades - grades that reflect non-academic factors like behavior and attendance.

    A.  Grade Review
    A student and/or parent(s)/guardian(s) who believe that a grade has been erroneously issued may ask the teacher to review the grade and to modify it if the teacher determines a modification is warranted.  If the student and/or parent(s)/guardian(s) is not satisfied with the teacher's response, he/she may ask the principal for a review within 15 school days of the issuance of a final report card.  However, the grading requirements of O.C.G.A. 20-2-989.20, which states that a teacher cannot be required to change a grade provided that system and school policies, administrative regulations and guidelines are followed, will be observed.  The final decision on grade change requests will be made in collaboration between the principal and the applicable Assistant Superintendent of Leadership.  Any change of grade issued after the final grade has been posted to the official record should be accompanied by a note of explanation in the student information system.
    C.  Middle and High Schools

    1.  Academic Grades

    a.  The following grading format should be used by teachers in Henry County secondary schools.
    Practice Work Assessment Tasks Semester Summative Assessment Tasks
    Class work, homework, formative assessments, diagnostic assessments, written reflections.
    May be graded for accuracy or completion.
    Such as constructed response assessments, selected response assessments, reflective assessments, summative unit assessments, culminating performance tasks, projects Assesses the totality of standards for the course.  In the case of a high school course with an End of Course (EOC) Test, the semester summative assessment will be the EOC at the completion of the full course.
    Counts 40% of the grade. Counts 40% of the grade. Counts 20% of the grade.
    b.  Students should receive at least one academic grade in each subject each week.  Grades should be entered into the gradebook weekly.

    2.  Grading Scales
    a.  Students will be evaluated using the following scale:
    Below 70=F

    3.  Non-Academic Grades
    Students will be evaluated on non-academic factors as follows through the conduct grade:

    S-Satisfactory     N-Needs Improvement     U-Unsatisfactory

    4.  Grade Reporting
    a.  Grades, updated weekly, are available for review in the district grading portal.

    b.  Students will receive printed report cards at the end of nine (9) weeks, eighteen weeks (18), twenty-seven (27), and thirty-six (36) weeks.

    c.  Progress Reports are made available every 4 1/2 weeks and may be printed or provided through the district grading portal.

    d.  Middle and High Schools that schedule for instruction over the course of a whole school year will provide semester grades at the end of each semester.  In High School, grades for first semester courses will appear on a student's transcript and be calculated into a student's grade point average (G.P.A.).  The Superintendent, or his/her designee, may allow for exceptions to this regulation for the purposes of innovation and/or accelerated intervention.

    e.  Athletic eligibility for the current semester will be determined by the grade report of the immediate preceding semester (18 or 36 week grade report).

    f.  Teachers shall communicate with parents/legal guardians of students who are not showing an appropriate progression towards the master of standards and/or are in danger of failing a course.

    g.  All students who access an alternative curriculum will receive a report card and guidance summary to provide an overview of the student's progress.

    5.  Homework
    Homework in Henry County Schools should provide time for students to practice what they have learned in class or to elaborate on information that has been introduced.  Homework and practice should be used as instructional tools to help foster mastery of the outlined skills and concepts, and it should provide opportunities for students to refine and extend their knowledge of content taught throughout the school year.

    6.  Make-Up Work
    a.  Students are responsible for any missed assignments on the first day they return to school from an absence.  The number of days allowed to complete make-up work will be determined by the principal or his/her designee but will not exceed the number of days absent.  Failure to comply with this procedure will result in a grad of zero (0) being given for graded assignments missed during an absence.
    b.  Absences due to suspension from school are considered unexcused.  Students assigned out of school suspension (OSS) will be allowed to make-up work upon return to school.  The number of days to complete make-up work is commensurate to the number of days of OSS (i.e. 3 days of Out of School Suspension=3 days to make up work missed). 

    A.  Middle School
    1.  High School Course Credit in Middle School
    Students in middle school have the opportunity to earn high school credit in a number of classes.  These classes may include math, science, world languages, CTAE, and art.  Each middle school will determine which classes will be offered based on student interest and staffing availability.

    a.  Courses offered in middle school will follow the same standards, curriculum, and procedures articulated in this regulation for high schools.
    b.  Students enrolled in a High School Course must take the EOC if enrolled in the course at the start of the second semester.
    c.  All coursework completed in middle school for high school credit will not be calculated in the HOPE GPA.
    d.  All coursework completed in middle school for high school credit will appear on the high school transcript and will impact the overall high school GPA.
    e.  Students who entered the 6th grade for the first time in the 2015-2016 school year and later who take High School courses in Middle School that have an equivalent "honors" designation at the High level will be considered "honors" courses for the purpose of awarding extra quality points.
    B.  High School
    Grade Point Average

    a.  GPA  Calculation
    The official grade point average at the end of semester of end of year will be a cumulative GPA determined by multiplying the quality points for the final grade earned for each course by the credits assigned to the course, summing the results and dividing by the total of the credits assigned to the courses taken.  The quality points used to determine the GPA are defined as follows:
    A=4 Quality Points
    B=3 Quality Points
    C=2 Quality Points
    D=1 Quality Points
    F=0 Quality Points

    b.  Weighted GPA-Extra Quality Points
    Honors, Dual Enrollment (DE), and Advanced Placement (AP) classes taken while enrolled with the Henry County School System will receive extra quality points.  The weighted GPA will be included on the student's official transcript.  Extra quality points will be assigned as follows:
    Honors Courses Advanced Placement & Dual
    Enrollment Courses
    A=4.5 Quality Points
    B=3.5 Quality Points
    C=2.5 Quality Points
    D=1.5 Quality Points
    F=0 Quality Points
    A=5 Quality Points
    B=4 Quality Points
    C=3 Quality Points
    D=2 Quality Points
    F=0 Quality Points


    See full regulation here:

Last Modified on October 22, 2020