Dr. Reese
  • Dr. Bryan Chris Reese

    Dear World Leader and Game Changer, 

    In such tumultuous times, our world more than ever needs leaders who have focus, objectivity, and endurance. While it may seem that you are young and still developing your own opinions of the social world, we need you to take the lead on putting things back together again. 

    As I recently shared with Principal Smith, I believe that our call now demands more of us than to simply be passive and apathetic about what we have inherited; we have to actively meet our destinies with a sense of ardor and preciseness. We must all be the change that we wish to see in the world (Gandhi). 

    I am fully privy to the fact that you are often labeled as the leaders of tomorrow. In response to that premise, I argue that waiting for tomorrow is merely procrastination and we must engage you as our leaders today. 

    Although by title I’m your newest assistant principal, in essence I am your champion; my job is to secure access to the place in which you will create paths and leave trails for others to follow. I take full responsibility for ensuring that you, our prized lion/lioness, remain protected and that you become well equipped prior to becoming the leader of your own pride. 

    I am a revolutionary educator. I have a Lion’s heart and mindset with the distinct gift of empowering the ‘lion’ in others. I believe in fostering a learning space that progresses and embodies integrity, honor, courage, responsibility, service, self-awareness, and commitment. 

    Recently, I wrote a letter to our stakeholders sharing how I felt about the workmanship of the Lion and I would like to conclude this letter by sharing it with you: 

    Contextually, the lion is noted to be the king of the jungle. The lion may not receive notoriety for size or speed. Yet, all of the other animals in the jungle hold high esteem for the lion because of its attitude and character (Munroe, 2005). Lions carry an aura of authority and preeminence that exudes in spaces where their talents are welcomed and utilized. Even with a shorter stature, a lion sees larger beings and constrains fear while capitalizing opportunities to advance, progress, or conquer. 

    I will always model this for you and hold you accountable for this standard of character as well. 

    I’m invested in the pride and I’m so excited to be a part of your journey! 

    Go Lions!


    Dr. Bryan Christopher Reese 

Last Modified on August 10, 2020