This page explains the procedures that my classes will follow during any remote learning sessions. However, the actual content, files, assignments, etc. are found under the tab that corresponds to the student's class. I have tabs for AP Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Chemistry, Physical Science, and Environmental Science.

    I will post the lessons and assignments each day at the top of my website for that class. My school website address is https://schoolwires.henry.k12.ga.us/Domain/3700. For example, if a student is enrolled in Physical Science, then they will go to my website and click on the Physical Science tab to see the directions for the day. At the end of the week, I remove the daily lessons, so that my website does not get too cluttered. However, all of the files are still listed below the remote learning lesson plans. The files are arranged by unit and chapter. I will also use Google Classroom, so students can also find the materials and assignments there.

    If a student or parent has a question about an assignment, a lesson, a due date, etc. then the STUDENT needs to e-mail me at jborders@henry.k12.ga.us or send me a message through Remind. The codes for Remind can be found below in the Frequently Asked Questions. If a parent e-mails me, then I will respond by saying that the student needs to e-mail me from their school e-mail account. The students need to take responsibility for their learning. Parents should only e-mail if I have already responded to the student and there are still questions. This rule is in place because teenagers should be able to contact me without the help of a parent (Parents, I am trying to lessen the load on you with this rule). My remote learning is set up so that I am helping your student.

    Students should check my website or Google Classroom EACH day. I try to post assignments in advance, but sometimes I may need to change something that day.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the Google Classroom code?

    If you are on my roster in Infinite Campus, then you are automatically in my Google Classroom. If you are having trouble, then send me an e-mail. I also use my school website. The address is https://schoolwires.henry.k12.ga.us/Domain/3700.

    2. What is your e-mail address?


    3. How does my student join Remind?

    Text the correct code for your class period below to 81010. Don't forget the @ symbol. Students AND parents are welcome to join. This is the fastest way for me to communicate with you.

    1st Period = @b1stchem

    2nd Period = @b2ndchem

    3rd Period = @b3rdchem

    4th Period = @b4thchem

    4. Why does my student have to e-mail you instead of the parent?

    With our first round of remote learning, the parents were doing WAY too much of the work. These students are in high school and should be able to ask me questions on their own like they would in class.

    5. How are you still teaching during remote learning?

    I have my own Youtube channel. You can search Jennie Borders. I have lesson videos that I have created for most of the sections. Any sections that are missing, I will make as soon as possible. I also have tutorial videos on my website. Students are more than welcome to use Khan Academy or other resources, but I just like to have my own so that I know that I teach it like I do in class. Students can also e-mail me with any questions and I will respond as soon as possible. My response time is faster when we are ALL doing remote learning. If only some students are doing remote learning, then my response time will be slower because I have students in my class all day.

    6. Are the Google Meets required?

    The Google Meets are required because that is how I will take attendance. If you are marked absent in Infinite Campus, then that means that you did not attend the Google Meet for that day.

    7. How was I marked absent in your class when we are doing remote learning?

    Attendance is taken during the Google Meet each day. If you do not attend the Google Meet, then you are marked absent.

Last Modified on August 13, 2020