Welcome to the Woodland Orchestra! Below, you'll find our course syllabus, orchestra calendar, and Remind information. Remind will be used for updates about due dates, rehearsals, concerts, and deadlines throughout the year. 


    WHS Orchestra Syllabus

    WHS Orchestra Calendar

    Orchestra Required Materials 21-22: 

    -1”, 3-ringed binder (preferrably black)




    -Shoulder Rest (violin/violas)

    -Rockstop/seatstrap (cello/bass)

    -A set of replacement strings for your instrument

    *Local music stores like TLS Music or Ronald Sachs Violins are great for getting any items you may need. Websites like sharmusic.com are also excellent resources. Let Mr. Carmack know if you need help/suggestions on what/where to get items.*

    Email: jonathan.carmack@henry.k12.ga.us

    Orchestra Remind Group: https://www.remind.com/join/77ab4c 


    Piano Syllabus