• Welcome to 6th Grade

    The transition from elementary school to middle school can be difficult for some students.  Middle school requires more independence and organizational skills.  You will be required to change teachers and move from classroom to classroom for each of your classes.  As you enter 6th grade you will have many expectations from your teachers and administrators.  Below you will find several tips that will assist you in becoming academically successful.

    1.  Organization

        A.  Have a binder for each class

        B.  Have sections within each binder for homework to complete, completed work to turn in and classroom notes/study guides


    2.  Prepared for Class

        A.  Ask yourself

    • Do I have my chromebook?
    • Do I have my binder?
    • Do I have my pens/pencils?
    • Do I have my completed homework?

    3.  Time Management

        A.  Use your daily planner to log tests, quizzes and homework assignment

        B.  Schedule a routine time to work on homework assignments

        C.  Study for upcoming tests by dividing it up each day instead of waiting until the night before.

    4.  Note Taking

        A.  Start a clean sheet for each day's notes writing the subject and date at the top of the sheet

        B.  Write down important facts from class

        C. Be an active listener

        D. Make sure to have your note-taking materials with you.  (pens, pencils, paper)

    5.  Study Skills

        A. Spend 10-15 minutes each evening reviewing notes and materials from class

        B. Complete all homework and turn it in on time

        C.  Be sure to know and understand assignments and what material is important to know for tests and quizzes

        D.  Ask questions for clarification and understanding

    6.  Test Taking

        A.  Know the dates of upcoming tests and quizzes; you should have these written in your planner

        B.  Study notes and classroom materials for 10-15 minutes each evening instead of waiting until the night before a test

        C.  Come prepared on test dates

    • Having studied important information
    • Bring pens or pencils with you
    • Get plenty of sleep the night before
    • Relax and recall all the material you studied

    See Parent Tips below!


    Tips for parents of 6th Grade student:

    1.  Monitor homework

        A.  Assist your child by asking questions like:

    • What information is needed to do the assignment?
    • Where are you going to look for this information?
    • Where do you think you should begin?
    • What portion should you do next?

        B.  Provide a quiet environment for homework completion.

    2.  Help with organization

        A.  Assist your child in developing a system to keep papers organized

        B.  Require use of a planner for writing down daily homework and upcoming tests and quizzes

    3.  Teach time-management skills

        A.  Check your child's homework planner nightly

        B.  Help your child develop a homework routine

        C.  Teach your child to divide up homework over the number of days allotted for the assignment; this will create smaller, more manageable assignments and teach study skills 

    4.  Develop test taking skills

        A.  Have your child review notes and classroom material each evening for 10-15 minutes to prepare for upcoming tests.

        B   Help them learn to relax and recall information on test day

    5.  Communicate with teachers

        A.  At least once weekly to monitor the progress of your child

        B.  Contact teacher for clarification or questions via email

        C.  Attend Back to School Night and Parent Teacher Conferences (to be announced)

Last Modified on May 31, 2020