• Student Refund Guidance Form 2


    Henry County Schools has adopted common guidance for schools to apply when processing refunds. The following categories of activities or events have been identified and are considered as “school activities” for which you can seek refunds:

    Refund Types

    Instructions for Refund Requests
    You should submit the below digital collection form to request refund for payments made to the school for school activities. Parents or Legal Guardians of record are authorized to request funds for students. Please note: the below form DOES NOT pertain to payments made to the Afterschool Enrichment Program, the School Nutrition Program, or PTO/Boosters. Please refer to District Refund Guidance for details regarding these entities.

    Refund Request Form
    Requestors may use this form to indicate preference on refund processing. A separate form must be completed for each student within the household.

    You should not complete this form if refunds already have been received by you.

    Deadline for Requests
    Request via this form must be submitted by May 29, 2020. Any refunds owed and not requested by the deadline will be refunded by a method determined by the school, which may be by school check.