• Differentiated Projects:  Creative and Divergent Thinking

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    We would like to provide students with the opportunity to look at unique situations and come up with alternative outcomes by combining research with creative thinking.  These activities will provide real prompts – prompts that have many possible answers – that lead to discovery, better insight, and active involvement in subject matter.  Students will be asked to consider cause-and-effect relationships and their presentations will demand a variety of responses and activities – including discussion, debate, prototype, dramatization, and other forms of artistic expression.  These activities offer opportunities for students to demonstrate fluent, flexible, original, and elaborate thinking.

    (Excerpt above from Creative Curriculum Extenders)


    Gifted Students!  During your Remote Learning experience, you will have the choice of doing mini PBL projects.   You will be given four mini PBL projects to choose from (select the link of your grade level below). 

     Click the link below (Gifted Creativity PBL Question Guide) for all of the information you'll need to get started on your PBL project:

    Creativity PBL Question Guide

    To start, click the link below to choose your favorite activity from the group and begin working.  I have provided access to a Creativity Rubric so that you will know if you are on the right track with your project. In addition, if you are speaking in your presentation, I have provided an Oral Presentation Rubric.  You will also have access to the exact Project Assessment Rubric that I will use to grade your project.


    Remember, these are creativity projects, so the assignments are flexible and open to your own interpretation and artistic expression.  Don’t set limits or create parameters for yourself!  Use your imagination, learn and experience something new, and most of all, have fun! 


    These projects will require some form of research, so make sure to do your best in learning all you can about the topic.

    Links to Resources

    1st and 2nd Grade Learning Projects


    3rd 4th and 5th Grade Mini PBL Learning Projects


    Creativity Rubric


    Oral Presentation Skills Rubric


    Project Assessment Rubric


    There is not a hard deadline/due date for these projects.  However, no assignment should take more than 2 weeks to complete.  I will work with students who are immersed in projects that require more time. 


    Ways to present your work and/or ways to turn in your work:

    • Share Google Documents or Google Slides with me
    • Send your finished written document as an attachment to my email
    • Take a picture of your project and/or what you have completed, attach it (along with a written description) and send it to my email
    • Make a video of your presentation/record yourself presenting and send the completed project to my email

    My email is mgreer@henry.k12.ga.us