Mission Statement

    The Stockbridge Middle School Counseling Department's mission is to empower all students to reach their full potential in Academic, Social/Emotional, and College/Career development. The Stockbridge Middle School counseling core curriculum will provide classroom guidance, small group, and individual sessions meeting the diverse needs of each student. Stockbridge Middle School Counseling Department is committed to working collaboratively with parents, teachers, administration, and community stakeholders to foster a positive school environment conducive to the development of lifelong learners. 


    Vision Statement

    The Stockbridge Middle School Counseling Department's vision is to provide data-driven counseling services that support the continuous improvement efforts of Stockbridge Middle School; and to assist in the development of a positive school climate where staff, students, and parents work collaboratively to promote the success of all students, thus creating 21st Century Leaders. 




    Stockbridge Middle School Counselors believe:

    • All students have diverse strengths, needs, and abilities that contribute to their academic, personal, social, career and community goals.
    • Every student has a right to receive school counseling services which are an integral part of all students' education.
    • Counseling program contributes to a strong and healthy community of productive citizens.
    • A student's basic needs must be met for optimal learning.
    • Students have a degree of voice and choice in determining what is learned, when it is learned, and how it is learned to create an authentic learning environment.
    • The school counseling program works to encourage student achievement through collaboration with teachers, administration, parents, and community partners.
    • Data is essential to the growth and evaluation of the school counseling program.
    • All students deserve an ideal education in a safe and healthy environment




Last Modified on August 11, 2020