• Hello!
    Thank you so much for your support and patience as we navigate this uncharted territory of remote learning together. Thank you for your feedback. Your feedback has allowed us to make adjustments to the assignments to make them more accessible.
    Below are some frequently asked questions that we have been receiving.
    Does my child have to do both the sheet you sent home and the website?
    The answer is no. The sheet we sent home provided your child with a combination of digital and non-digital assignments. The website allows us to take those assignments further and add additional resources such has videos or book links to enhance those assignments.
    However, we would like for your child to access the website for phonics and science as those resources are only available online.
    How does my child submit work?  There are a couple of options. You are able to take pictures and email it it to us or you may put it in a folder to submit upon return. Please label each activity by day and subject.
    How does my child access the online assignments for science and math?
    Once you go into the Core-Ed, click the Assignments tab in the middle. Then select the assignment that is assigned for that day.  (Please see the attached document for a screen shot of each step)
    What does the AR app look like it classlink?

    I hope this helps provide any clarity.
    Thank you again for your support. If I can help in any way, please let me know.