• Welcome to Ms. Nettles' Digital Learning Information website! 

    For the start of this 2020-2021 school year, our class will be conducted online until further notice. Students can find their assignments via their homeroom teacher's Google Classroom. I will be online each day during normal school hours. If you need anything, please reach out to me using Google Classroom, Class Dojo, or email--amanda.nettles@henry.k12.ga.us.

    Please remember these rules on Digital Citizenship when interacting with your peers and teachers. digital citizen

    1. Treat all others with respect. 
    2. Protect private information. 
    3. Stand up to cyberbullying. 
    4. Use the THINK rule: T-is it true? H-is it helpful? I-is it inspiring? N-is it necessary? K-is it kind?                                                                          
    • Please note:
    • Each student recieved consumables for math, science and social studies that will be utilized throughout the remote learning experience. These consumables will need brought back with you when we return to school.  
    • Each student will have assignments in the remote learning Google Classroom. These assignments are organized by day. Many of the assignments will be assigned from HMH/ED for math, science, and social studies online.         
    • When completing the assignments, if you have a question about any of them, you may contact me via class dojo, email, or google classroom. 


    *Suggestions for a succesful remote learning environment:

    • Find a quiet space to work.
    • Dress appropriately.
    • Have charged chromebook, headphones, paper and pencils ready each day.

    I look forward to working with you all as you learn and grow! 

    Be safe and stay healthy!

    Ms. Nettles