• Digital Learning 


    MindPlay is the new online reading program that grades K-5 are utilizing in Henry County schools. It is designed to provide students support in phonics, vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and fluency.  If used CORRECTLY and with FIDELITY, students will show great improvement in reading.  Students should access Mindplay for 20 minutes a day, Monday through Friday.  Since we are doing remote learning, we are asking that parents log onto Classlink and access Mindplay.  Please do not help your child answer questions. This will hurt your child's progress in the classroom (once we return).  He/she will not be able to answer any of the questions INDEPENDENTLY because he/she might have been getting assistance from YOU at home.  So, again, please do not help answer any questions.  THIS APPLIES TO ALL DIGITAL PLATFORMS. 
    (It will say Ed: Look on the remote lesson plan to see what the icon looks like. 
    Tell your child to look for the smiley face :) )
    HMH is our platform for math and science.  This platform provides lessons and activities to complete after the lessons. 
     You access it the same as MindPlay.  Unfortunately, this platform will let you continue doing lessons, SO PLEASE COMPLETE ASSIGNED ACTIVITIES ONLY.  UPDATE-Due to chronic issues on HMH, assignments will NO LONGER BE ASSIGNED. 
    Here are the steps to log into MindPlay or any of our digital platforms (HMH-Math, McGraw Hill/Open Court-Phonics):
    Go to Tussahaw Elementary School web page- OR click Tussahaw Elementary School
    You must access the program through Classlink on the Henry County Launchpad.  
    How do I access the Launchpad at home?
    1. Go to Launchpad.classlink.com/henry
    2. Type in your username and password.
      • Username- student (lunch) number
      • Password- FirstInitialLastInitialBirthdate#
        • IE: ab082012# for Alex Brown with a birthdate of August 20, 2012.
    1. Students will find Mindplay and all digital platforms on this launchpad:


     Still having trouble, click here to print directions on how to access Classlink:


    Classlink Directions