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    Below you will find information about fluency. 

    What is stuttering?  Stuttering occurs when a person says a sound or word more than once and has difficulty getting speech to come out.  All people have disfluent speech to some degree.  Below are the different types of disfluencies a person may exhibit.  Please be aware that there is no cure for stuttering, but strategies can be taught to help the speaker compensate or modify their speech to become more fluent. 

    Types of disfluency and axamples

    --- repetitions - repeating a part of a word, whole word or phrase. Ex. "I-I-I-I have homework."

    --- prolongations - stretching out a sound in a word for a long time.  Ex. "Ssssssssssssaturday is my birthday."

    --- blocks - Difficulty getting a word or part of a word to come out.  This can result in pauses throughout speech. Ex. "He has... five....puppies." 



    --- Slow rate - use a slow rate of speech when talking.  Allow yourself time to think of what you want to say before you say it. 

    --- Easy Onset - begin your word or sentences slowly and easily.   

    --- Light Contact - Try your best to make light contact or touches with your lips, tongue or teeth (articulators). 

    --- Stretchy Speech - Stretch the beginning sound of the phrase or sentence. 

    --- Cancellation - After you finish a stutter, stop and take a breath.  Then begin again. 

    --- Pull-out - During a stutter, stop and take a breath.  Then begin again. 

    Any one or more of the strategies may be helpful in reducing disfluencies.  in most cases a combination of strategies is more beneficial.  



    Well known people who stutter (past and present) 



    Stuttering information      http://www.stutteringhelp.org/