• About the HHS Dance Department 

    Hampton High School Dance class will introduce different levels of a
    great dance experience. Students will be afforded the opportunity to be exposed to the history of dance while exploring various dance styles. Dance class is open to students in grades 9th-12th and is designed with a strong concentration on movement and dance vocabulary mastery.

    This course intends to provide students with an awareness and appreciation for the kinesthetic values associated with the physical body while learning to maneuver the body to demonstrate its expressive capabilities. Although dance is a performance-based class, students will have an opportunity to develop choreographic skills and integrate technology, thus making dance an experience to remember.


    *****Dance Class Goals:
    -To learn self-discipline, self-confidence, and dedication through dance using the body as an
    expression of art.
    -To explore and master different dance styles and techniques through various exercises,
    stretches, and combinations.
    -To develop and understand dance vocabulary.
    -To develop choreographic skills.
    -To develop kinesthetic awareness.
    -To develop knowledge of dance history, dance and wellness, and the integrating technology.


    ****ATTIRE *****

    Dance I and II: Black Tank Leotard, tan convertible tights, pink ballet shoes, dance skirt (optional) 

    Dance III & IV: Purple Tank leotard, tan convertible tights, tan jazz shoes, black shorts