IXL  IXL is an online program where students will work on ELA and Math skills. NOTE: THE WORK ON IXL DOES NOT REPLACE THE HANDOUTS THE STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO COMPLETE. 

    Recommendations and explanations of Students IXL Page

    * Please allow the student to take the Diagnostic test (Bold words are the bottons or tabs on the student's page). The Diagnostic must be taken by the student WITHOUT HELPIXL program will give the student a pure level as a benchmark. 

    * The Diagnostic recommendations (tests) do not need to be completed all at once. Students can always go back and finish them or work on additional recommended diagnostics. 

    * Based on their Diagnostic results, IXL would suggest Recommendations for the student to practice in addition to my assignments. 

    * Our class goal is that students score between 70% and 90%. If they score higher than  that, it is great! 

    *The Awards  tab is just a fun page for students to play and look at the certificates for skills they have mastered.  

    *The Practice tab is where students access the lessons that I assign. The skills are arranged by letters next skill name. And lessons by number. So when students need to complete an assignment they need to look in the following order. Subject (top of page), letter and skill name and numbered assigned


    Login here: IXL Website

     To Access Mobymax click on the following:


    Students will login using 2 pictures of their chose. Follow the instructions to log in. Let me know if you need assistance. Please have them work at least 20 minutes per day on Reading and Math.  They have access to Science and Social Studies, also.


    Students can also access epic! for free at home. Many of these books have AR tests, too. I will be assigning books for them to read. Epic is allowing parents to use the program for free till June 30th 2018. There is information to log on located under the AR and Epic tab on my home website page.

    Note! To find the assigned books click on the mailbox on the bottom of your screen. 


    BrainPop Jr

    BrainPop jr is also allowing free access. BrainPop jr has tons of short video clips on many different educational topics. Students love to learn from Moby and Annie. Click HERE to request free access to BrainPop jr.

    LES Students links

    click on this link: https://schoolwires.henry.k12.ga.us/domain/1885 to access students links to different learning websites.

    Scholastic Learn at Home

    click on this link: www.scholastic.com/learnathome to access videos, stories and fun learning adventures.

Last Modified on March 19, 2020