• Skill 1: Listening


    1. Look at the person who is talking.

    2. Sit quietly.

    3. Think about what is being said.

    4. Say yes or nod your head.

    5. Ask a question about the topic to find out more.

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  • Skill 2: Asking for Help


    1. Ask yourself, "Can I do this alone?"

    2. If not, raise your hand.

    3. Wait. Say to yourself, "I know I can do this without talking."

    4. Ask for help in a friendly way.

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  • Skill 3: Saying Thank You


    1. Decide if you want to thank someone.

    2. Choose a good time and place.

    3. Thank the person in a friendly way.

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  • Skill 4: Bringing Materials to Class


    1. Ask yourself, "What materials do I need for this class?"

    2. Gather the materials together.

    3. Ask yourself, "Do I have everything I need?"

    4. Recheck your materials and pack them up.

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  • Skill 5: Following Instructions


    1. Listen carefully to the instructions.

    2. Ask questions about anything you don't understand.

    3. Repeat the instructions to the person (or to yourself).

    4. Follow the instructions.

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  • Skill 6: Completing Assignments


    1. Ask yourself, "Is my work finished?"

    2. Look over each question to be sure.

    3. When you are sure your work is finished, hand it in.

    4. Say to yourself, "Good for me! I finished it!" 

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  • Skill 7: Contributing to Discussions


    1. Decide if you have something you want to say.

    2. Ask yourself, "Is this related to the discussion?"

    3. Decide exactly what you want to say.

    4. Raise your hand.

    5. When you are called on, say what you want to say.

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  • Skill 8: Offering Help to an Adult


    1. Decide if the adult needs your help.

    2. Decide how to ask if you can help.

    3. Ask yourself, "Is this a good time to offer help?"

    4. Ask the adult if you may help.

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  • Skill 9: Asking a Question


    1. Decide what you need to ask.

    2. Decide whom you will ask. 

    3. Decide what to say.

    4. Choose a good time.

    5. Ask your question.

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  • Skill 10: Ignoring Distractions


    1. Count to five.

    2. Say to yourself, "I won't look. I'll keep on working."

    3. Continue to work.

    4. Say to yourself, "Good for me. I did it!"

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