• WEEK 8

    This week I want you to get creative and make an instrument at home. There are many options and most can be made with simple items commonly found around the house. You do not have to use the websites or videos provided, but they may be helpful to you.


    Don't forget you can always email me a picture or video of your new creation!


    If you can't make something at home enjoy watching the how-to videos and brainstorm how you would make your instrument.



    This website has some great ideas:


    Pan flute, wooden jingle, maracas, and tambourine:



    A Paper Xylophone:

    A water xylophone:


    A popsicle stick kazoo:


     Toilet paper roll kazoo:


     Tin can drum:





    Cereal box guitar:



  • WEEK 7


    1. Learn this chant with me. Then grab some friends, family, or stuffed animals and play the game!


    2.Explore using this virtual xylophone. 

    Pick 2 notes to play together at the same time. Play these notes on your steady beat while you say the Bee Bee Bumble Bee chant. 

    Here's a challenge: can you play the rhythm (or the words of the chant) on the xylophone?


  • WEEK 6

    1. Listen to this song and sing along. It is called "Save Our Planet". What is something you can do to make our world a better place?



    2. This song is called "Don't Worry Be Happy" it is by Bobby McFerrin. This song was recorded using no instruments. All the sounds you hear are from the musicians mouth and body. The voice is used to sound like instuments.

    When you make music without instruments like this it is called acapella.

    Can you hear different sounds like humming, whistling, and tongue clicks?



    3. Sing and dance along to the song. This version is different and uses some instruments. Which one do you like better?





  • WEEK 5

    1. This week we are going to learn about Rounds (which are sometimes also called cannons). A round is an easy way to make harmony. When singing a round, first you must learn the song very very well. Then you find another person to sing with you.  One person will start first and then the next person will go, almost like follow the leader. 

    Here we will sing the song Row, Row, Row Your Boat together in a round. Guest starring Virtual Ms. Iden!


    2. Here is another song that you can sing in a round. This one has motions that make it a little easier to sing in a round!

    It is called "Are you sleeping?"

    Are You Sleeping


  • WEEK 4

    1. Follow along with Pop See Ko 2.0!


    2. Using your knowledge of Ta, ti-ti, and sh. See if you can read and clap the rhythms along with the song.


    3. There are 2 new words in this song, presto and largo. In music presto means fast and largo means slow.  Watch the video. Then watch it again and run during the presto parts and crawl during the largo parts.


  • WEEK 3

    1. Get your body moving with "What's that you say?"


    2. Do you remember this song from last year?

    Listen to the song and practice singing it. 


    When you can sing it by yourself practice the pattern with it.


    3. Now that you can sing the song lets learn the pattern to play with the song!


     Final product!


    4. Let's review Ta, Ti Ti, and Sh!  You will use these with a song next week!


     5. Have you ever wanted to learn the cup game? Grab a cup, watch this video, and practice along!



  • Welcome to week 2 of remote learning!

    Here are your activities for this week in music. Don't forget you can always visit the pages for movement songs or echo songs if you would like some more music in your day!


    1. Here I read/sing one of my favorite books.  Based on Bob Marley's song 3 little birds, Marley's daughter added some more verses to the song in this book. Enjoy! 


    Here is Bob Marley's Original Song if you want to take a listen.



    2. Do you need to review the Musical Alphabet?!



    Let's Learn about Steps and Skips


    Steps and Skips


    3. Practice the Dance moves to the Whacky Song!

    Whacky Song Dance Tutorial 


    Whacky Song and Dance


    4. Can you sing and do the moves to the Whacky Song by yourself?!

    Whacky Song 

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