• WEEK 8

    This week I want you to get creative and make an instrument at home. There are many options and most can be made with simple items commonly found around the house. You do not have to use the websites or videos provided, but they may be helpful to you.


    Don't forget you can always email me a picture or video of your new creation!


    If you can't make something at home enjoy watching the how-to videos and brainstorm how you would make your instrument.



    This website has some great ideas:


    Pan flute, wooden jingle, maracas, and tambourine:



    A Paper Xylophone:

    A water xylophone:


    A popsicle stick kazoo:


     Toilet paper roll kazoo:


     Tin can drum:





    Cereal box guitar:



  • WEEK 7

    1. Listen to the song and follow along with me as I do the motions. There are some different things on this bus!


    2. The Hokey Pokey is a popular children's song that kids learn all over our country. Learn, sing and move with Maximo!


    3. Learn this chant with me. Then grab some friends, family, or stuffed animals and play the game!



    4. Have fun singing these songs along with these disney characters!

  • WEEK 6

    1. This is a story called Big Pig, Big Pig.

        Practice using your high and low voice when telling this story.



    2. Get out your imaginary hammer and let's work and sing with Johnny!



    3. Some students had some great new ideas for this song! Let's use their new ideas!



    4. Follow Along with this fun video!



    5. Listen and sing along to this song. It is called "Save Our Planet".

  • WEEK 5

    1. Here is one of my favorite songs. You might remember it if you were in my innovation station class.  Grab a friend (real or stuffed) and sing and play along!


    2. Listen to the nursery rhyme and learn it with me. After you have mastered it see if you can find something in your house that you can use to play the rhyme. Maybe pots, pans, or anything else you might have.


  • WEEK 4

    1. Here is a new song. Watch the video and learn the song. Then think of some other things you could do with the song. I can't wait to see what you come up with!


    2. Clap your hands with this song! Learn the song and then think about some other actions you can do with the song!


    Let's slow it down. Here is a slower video to help you learn the song.


    3. Our bodies are musical instruments. We can make music in lots of different ways. Listen to the song and follow the directions. Let's use our bodies as our drums!



    4. Sing and dance along to this fun song! Can you do the pattern with the "Doo-ta! Doo-doo-ta!"? Try it! It goes:

    Pat Pat,

    Clap Clap,

    Elbow Elbow,

    shoulder shoulder,

    ear ear,

    shake your hands down


    5. There was an Old Lady who Swallowed A Chick


  • WEEK 3

    1. Do you remember this song? It is one of my favorites!




    2. Listen to the song. 

    Can you sing along and do the moves to the "flip flop, wig wag, zig zag"




    3. Let's sing along with Bingo! See if you can clap when they ask you to clap.


    4. Here is a fun clapping song! Can you clap along?



    5. Wiggle it!


     6. Listen to the story and see how Sam finds his inner music with the help of a magic music man!



  • Welcome to week 2 of remote learning!

    Here are your activities for this week in music. Don't forget you can always visit the pages for movement songs or echo songs if you would like some more music in your day!


    1. Here I read/sing one of my favorite books.  Based on Bob Marley's song 3 little birds, Marley's daughter added some more verses to the song in this book. Enjoy! 


    Here is Bob Marley's Original Song if you want to take a listen.



    2. Let's Learn about the Musical Alphabet!!


    Practice singing your music alphabet!


    3. Practice the Dance moves to the Whacky Song!

    Whacky Song Dance Tutorial 


    Whacky Song and Dance


    4. Can you sing and do the moves to the Whacky Song by yourself?!

    Whacky Song 

  • I am attaching 4 music activities for students to do at home for our first week of remote learning.


    1. Fred the Moose

    Listen to the song. Try singing the echo (after the man).  See If you can sing the echo AND do the motions.



    2. Aquarium 

    Parents please read the information to your children:

    Camille Saint-Saens was a French composer (someone who writes music).  He wrote a group of songs called The Carnival of the Animals.  This song is called Aquarium. 

    Listen to the song.  Does the music make you think of being under water with the sea creatures? How would you describe the song? (Fast, Slow, Happy, Sad)



    3.  Pop Goes the Weasel

    Listen to the song. Think of different ways you can keep a steady beat (stomping, patting, clapping..) Keep a steady beat while you listen to the song. 



    4. The Green Grass Grew All Around

    Can you sing the echo in this song? Only sing when the kid voices sing.



    Then think about some motions you can do to go along with these words in the song.

    1. Green Grass grew all around

    2. Hole

    3. Root

    4. Tree

    5. Branch

    6. Twig

    7. Nest

    8. Egg

    9. Bird

    10. Wing

    11. Feather

    Practice singing the song with your new motions!!


    Have Fun!! 

    Don't hesitate to contact me at jacqueline.iden@henry.k12.ga.us


Last Modified on May 10, 2020