• Learning Plan for the week of March 16, 2020


    Good Day Scholars, here is your learning plan for the week. All assignments will be submitted in Google Classroom by the due date.  I realize there is quite a bit to do but we must be in a position to begin designing and building upon our return to face-to-face instruction.


    All Engineering Classes - New Unit - Design Engineering

    Monday - Tuesday

    • A look at two engineering structures:  The Leaning Tower of Pisa (Is it a failure?) and The Eiffel Tower; Scavenger Hunt
    • Unpack grade-level standard; Tier 2 and Tier 3 Vocabulary Study Activity

    Wednesday - Thursday

    • The Design Engineering Process - Analyzing the process and taking a close look at each step
    • *Compare the Engineering Design Process and the Scientific Method
    • Practice


    Reading and Writing Friday - Read the assigned article in AR 360. Take the Quiz (score must be 75 or better). 

    8th Grade only - Complete a 7 - 9 sentence summary that addresses the target audience, the reason for writing the article (at least two supporting statements), and the main idea (at least three supporting statements). 


    7th and 6th Grades Only -   Complete a 3-2-1:  3 Critical Thinking (essay-type) questions that can only be answered by reading the article, 2 supporting statements for the main idea and The Main Idea.  


    * This one assignment might be carried over to the following week.  I'll check in with you about this one.