• Your child can work on reading books at home by using the Epic website/app .  The directions to access Epic are located below.  After completing books (AT Least 3 times) on Epic that have AR tests, the students can take AR tests (Monday-Friday) at home during Remote Learning.  A list of AR books with available AR tests are listed at the bottom of this page.  To take an AR test, please go to the Class Link app  Image result for classlink  on your child's ipad.  Once inside classlink, click on the icon with the letter R for AR. It should open the Renaissance Home page. Then, click on the orange box. On the search box type the title of the book or the quiz number. If the book does not have audio, read the questions to your child. Allow your child to make their own choices.  

    Information on how to navigate on Epic and how to log on for AR tests are listed below.

    Check out this video from Mrs. Bonner (created during last school year's remote learning time) about Epic and AR testing.  The info is relevant for this year.   


     (list of AR books found on Epic are listed below)

    Alternative way to AR testing

    The following are a list of books that students can access on Epic through their mail box. EACH card has the title of and number for the AR Test. After students read this books a minimum of three times, they may take an AR test from home using the card codes.

    List 1     List 2    List 3     List 4     List 5

    It looks like Epic closes at the end of school time.  So, here are directions for students to read AR books on www.tumblebooklibrary.com  in case you need to read books after 3:00pm.

    Directions to find AR books on Tumble book.

    1. Log in with the username: luella and the password: books

    2. Click on Tumble search at the top right

    3. Scroll down and click on search by Accelerated Reader

    4. Click on 1.0 – 1.9 level then go

    5. When book appears, click on the info section which is listed after Accelerated Reader (Accelerated Reader: Info)

    6. It will tell you if there is an AR quiz or not. If there is a quiz, it will list the AR number that can be put in to take the quiz.

Last Modified on September 26, 2020