• Ms. Smith's Digital Learning Class Digital Learning           Honors and U.S. History/ AP Human Geography
    All students will be expected to log into their assigned Google Classroom for their U.S. History Course on a daily basis. There will be assignments, and important information you will need regarding instruction, and county updates. Each assignment posted to your Google Classroom from Ms. Smith will have a stamped due date, and time. If your assignment is not submitted by the specific deadline- YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE CREDIT FOR THE ASSIGNMENT. It is YOUR responsibility to complete assignments and maintain a passing grade for my class. No late work will be accepted, NO EXCEPTIONS.

    If you have any questions, I will be available through e-mail- Monday through Friday 8:15-3:15 (with direct availability 11:10-12:20). For instruction, all students will follow a content-specific schedule assigned to each class period.

    For Ms. Smith, all of her classes will meet on-line for 4th period (11:10-12:30). Please follow the schedule, below.

    Woodland High School Digital Instructional Times
    Class Periods

    1st: English

    2nd: Math

    3rd: Science

    4th: Social Studies

    5th: World Language

    6th: Fine Arts/ PE

    7th: CTAE