• Office Hours:   Fridays  - See schedule below  (will check and respond to e-mails, google classroom messages, etc)

    8th Grade Remote Learning Schedule


    HMH -online textbook with practice which can be accessed through Launchpad on Chromebook

    How To:

    - sign in to HMH from Launchpad:  click HMH resources, then Middle School Core Content

    - access assignments in HMH after signing in:  click Assignments 

    -access textbook for additional support:  


    Google classroom - can be accessed through Launchpad on Chromebook/can also be used on cell phone

    - has Google Meet links, resources such as videos, interactive practice, quizizz, and assignments to be completed and submitted 

    - Pleases check Google Classroom daily


     To access launchpad from computer other than Chromebook:  Go to Eagle's Landing Middle School website, click Employees, scroll down to Launchpad(Classlink, EmpowerHCS) and click link to sign in


    Students who do not have access to internet and/or a chromebook should contact the school at the following number:

    - Front Office - 770-914-8189