• Policy & Systems Design

  • Hello and a warm welcome to the Department of Policy, Planning, and Systems Improvement. Our department is responsible for the development and ongoing maintenance of the board of education policies, policy platform, regulations aligned with board policies, procedures aligned with board policies, and exhibits that align with board policies. Our department works collaborative with the other departments in the Office of Chief of Staff (Legal Compliance & Communications) and across all divisions to ensure cross-divisional continuity.

    In addition to policies, regulations, and exhibits, our department is responsible for the following:

    • Research applications for internal and external requests
    • Competitive Grants oversight (local, state, and federal)
    • District-wide Student Enrollment Forecasts
    • Division support through examination and development of systems and structures
    • District Accreditation process
    • District Strategic Planning Process and periodic maintenance
    • District Pilot Study requests and implementation plans
    • Strategic Waivers School System information
    • Charter School oversight and management including the processing of applications
    • Intergovernmental coordination relating to district housing and growth plans
    • Special Projects assigned by the superintendent
    • School council support for schools (i.e., logistics, bylaws, annual training, resources)

    We stand ready to answer any questions or be of service for questions about any of the information as noted above, so please so don’t hesitate to call upon us.

    Our department’s operational philosophy embeds the four Board of Education Core Beliefs and Core Commitments to ensure Opportunity, Access and Outcomes for All students in Henry County Schools. We are on an ambitious pursuit of becoming the fastest improving and highest achieving school district in the metro-Atlanta region while prioritizing and being known for student connectivity and belief in student capability.