• Dangers of Vaping

  • Dear Families,

    As you know, ensuring a safe and supportive learning environment in each of our schools is our top priority. To that end, there is a serious and growing concern that needs attention. The issue of student vaping has become a national epidemic, and addressing it will require a commitment from the entire community. Like many other districts across the nation and state, Henry County Schools has seen an increase in vaping among our youth. Henry County Schools is enlisting all families and community partners to join us as we confront this threat to student health and well-being.

    While businesses are restricted from selling vape products to those under the age of 21, many students are able to purchase vape and devices online, or obtain access through others. Unfortunately, families and students may not realize the health, behavioral, and safety dangers of vaping.

    Our Board of Education is committed to increasing vaping prevention and intervention efforts to protect our youth. A couple of recent examples include:
               Partnership with the Henry County Sheriff’s Department to provide Alcohol & Drug 
                  Awareness educational programs to students.
               Featured vaping awareness during 2019 Red Ribbon Week
               Adding a vaping-specific Code of Conduct violation to our 2020-21 Student Handbook

    Efforts such as these have been successful in educating students, but the greatest impact begins at home. If you haven’t had a conversation with your child yet, we strongly encourage you to do so. Because we know approaching this topic may be difficult, we have included a few resources that pertain to e-cigarettes and vaping that may help inform your discussion. Lastly, please remind your child that vaping is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and will result in disciplinary consequences.

    The issue of youth vaping is a serious one that goes beyond our schools. To date, 80 people have died and 400 young people have irreversible lung damage. We need your help in stemming the spread of this dangerous trend and harmful behavior. We value your continued partnership in making Henry County Schools the best place to learn. Our families are integral to the future success of our students.