• FVE Process Board


    How are we supporting teachers in promoting

    student learning through arts integration?


    Addressing teachers' professional learning standards...

    • Professional Knowledge

    • Instructional Planning

    • Instructional Strategies

    • Differentiated Instruction

    • Assessment Strategies

    • Assessment Uses

    • Positive Learning Environment

    • Academically-Challenging Environment

    • Professionalism

    • Communication


    Establishing schoolwide learning targets...

    • We can distinguish between arts-enhancement vs. arts-integration

    • We can support student learning through integration of the arts

    • We can foster teacher growth in arts integration via authentic learning opportunities


    Documenting our process as we go in order to support one another throughout our journey...

    1. A team comprised of classroom teachers, instructional leads, & building administrators was identified to lead the charge of taking on the arts integration initiative.

    2. The FVE Arts Integration Team attended an immersive 3-day training over the summer to begin understanding the foundations of the concept & to develop an implementation plan.

    3. The FVE Arts Integration Team redelivered professional development sessions with teachers & support staff during pre-planning.

    4. To further promote the arts integration movement, teachers & support staff worked  diligently to create classroom staging areas to support student productions & to extend themes beyond the classroom.

    5. Parents, families, & community members were introduced to the new initiative during Open House, Curriculum Night, & School Council.

    6. Teachers & support staff participate in in-class modeling sessions with ArtsNow consultants to engage in hands-on demonstrations with students.

    7. Ongoing support is offered to teachers & support staff through various avenues such as professional development sessions, as well as having access to resources, in-house coaching, & support from the ArtsNow consultants.