• Your child visits the Leader Lab each week as one of their 5 Specials. Our time together is limited to 45 minutes per week, but we try our best to squeeze in as much as we can! The routine in Leader Lab is very predictable and provides a sense of security for the students. It is a safe environment for discussion, acceptance, and overall human development.

    A typical session in the Leader Lab starts of with a review of upcoming school calendar events not to be missed, followed by "Hot Topics" that impact our students and the community. For example, a Hot Topic might be Caps For Cure or the Sock Drive we promote in the Fall for those less fortunate in our area. Another Hot Topic might be Cafeteria Behavior/Table Manners. The topics vary from week to week.

    Each week, I chose a Mentor Text that will support at least one of the 7 Habits, like Kindness or Leadership. The students are expected to listen as if the book is a movie, then we discuss it from all perspectives afterward. Most of the students look forward to "the story of the week." Usually there is just enough time left for a writing or group activity to reinforce the story. If ever we find a few extra minutes, we squeeze-in some dancing!!!!! It's a great way to relax and Sharpen the Saw! Dancing & Music allow time for our brains to "reset" for moving into the rest of the day.

    Expectations in the Leader Lab are the same as throughout the building. Students are expected to respect themselves, their peers, and their teachers. We are to listen to one another and participate with enthusiasm. Synergizing and collaboration are important for all of us to be successful. We must each bring our own special gifts and talents to the benefit of the group and the larger good of all. Disrespectful behaviors are not tolerated in the Leader Lab. We are all special, but no one more special than the next.

    Parents are always welcome to visit the Leader Lab. :)