• Class Notes

      • is a reinforcement of what was taught each day
      • given daily and due back the following day (no Fridays)
      • absent makeup work given when student returns
      • not returned will only be allowed the next day with a parent's note
      • spend up to an hour to complete no longer
      • if work is not understood, please bring back next day for more instructions
      Monday Folders
      • Sent home on Mondays 
      • Should contain graded work, projects, and items from the office
      • Parents please sign the log and give any comments on communication sheet attached in folder 
      School Supplies
      • school supply list is optional
      • some of the items are shared in class (notebook paper, pencils)
      • crayons,markers, scissors, glue, pencils, and rulers are encouraged to keep in a soft supply pouch and taken back/forth to school and home
      Restroom/Water breaks
      • go at own distress
      • if frequently, a note is required of concern
      • an afternoon light snack can be brought to eat
      • individual or for class (individual snacks are not to be shared)
      • two per year-Winter Break and End of the year 
      • Agendas are used for homework and to relay messages
      • Phone calls are made during and after school if available
      • Emails are a great way to contact me ( checked daily) and Remind messaging 
      • stop by visits are not encouraged due to instructional time
      • are requested by teachers and parents (notes, agendas, phone calls, Remind, email)
      • please try to give at least a 2 day notice to the teacher to prepare items needed for the conference