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Kevin Van Tone

Locust Grove Middle School

This year we participated in the Sandy Hook "Start with Hello" campaign. We had a week of activities right before Fall Break.

Sandy Hook Promise’s Start With Hello Week Call to Action is September 23–27, 2019. Since we are on Fall Break at that time, we will be recognizing Start With Hello Week next week. Start With Hello brings attention to the growing epidemic of social isolation and empowers young people to create a culture of inclusion and contentedness within their school, youth organization and community.

Social isolation is the overwhelming feeling of being left out, lonely or treated like you are invisible. Young people who feel this way may pull away from society, struggle with learning and social development, or choose to hurt themselves or others. Start With Hello empowers students to end social isolation by teaching them to recognize the signs of loneliness and social isolation, and to help others feel included. This starts with a simple “Hello!” Our goal is to teach our students the skills they need to create a culture of inclusion in their school and community.

Our Schedule of events is listed below. We look forward to promoting inclusiveness at LGMS!

ALL WEEK – Beta students will be in the car rider line and in the bus loop welcoming all students to LGMS.

MONDAY – Staff and students: WEAR GREEN

Monday during lunch - Beta students will have a table set up for students to sign a paper chain link. One side will say “I will say hello to someone new.” The other side the students write how they would say hello to someone. We will link the paper to make a chain to hang in the cafeteria for the week.

LGMS produced a short video based on one of the campaign weeks example.

LGMS Start with Hello Video

-LUNCH – Students can sign a pledge to say hello to someone new.

Students will identify their trusted adult at LGMS by writing the adult’s name on a poster.