Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Sherri Greene

Dutchtown Elementary

Last week, three first grade students, coming from the cafeteria, walked by. The first thing I noticed... they were all holding hands. Their friendship warmed my heart. The second thing I noticed was two of them wore the same hairstyle I wore when I was in the first grade. Yes, even then... : ) I quickly escorted them to my office to show them my ‘1970-something’ picture. This is our means of connection beyond me serving as their Principal, they see that I too was a once a little girl who wore the hair puff style!

Moments like that remind me of how much I love to connect with my students. I love the smile I see on their faces when they hear me call them by name as they come in the building. I compliment our students so much on their shoes, clothing, and the like, that they have begun to compliment me right back. Students have opportunities to eat lunch with my assistant principals and me, engaging in conversations, in what we like to call "Pup Talks" (we are the bulldog pups).

This is what we do at Dutchtown Elementary-connect with students, families and staff members on interests, hobbies, life events beyond instructional practices. We give hugs, celebrate successes and support the difficult times just to show that we care. Just send an email asking for a safety pin or contact solution and the request is filled before you can press ‘send.’ That is what families do, we love and care for one another at Dutchtown. As the leader, it starts with me and I intentionally seek opportunities to celebrate staff’s personal milestones like marriages, new babies, new homes, as well as comfort during loss and trials, and for this, I believe that our staff share in supporting one another, which of course reaches our students.