Degrees and Certifications:

Derrick Thomas

Woodland Elementary

It is my belief that connectivity begins with the smallest acts of kindness. For me, my day begins with high fives and hugs as students enter the building and ends with high fives and hugs as students exit the building. That small act of kindness lets my students know that each of them are important to me and I value everyday that I spend with them. Beyond that, I think it is important to engage my students beyond academics as well. So, I have personally sponsored a mentor program where I get to work with 23 young 4th and 5th grade boys on things like leadership, etiquette, self-respect, philanthropy and physical fitness. We take field trips to sporting events, college tours, and other trips as well. We have monthly discussions/debates on current events and talk about how we as an organization can affect positive change within our community and beyond. This program provides a positive outlet for these young men, but more importantly it provides a brotherly bond amongst them where they hold each other accountable for their actions. For me, this is so rewarding as it allows me to connect with my students beyond just academics and to gives me an opportunity to see them grow into young men.

My philosophy is that every student in my building should feel like they're the Principal's favorite.