Degrees and Certifications:

Lisa Travis

Cotton Indian Elementary

One of our initiatives over the past four years has been the implementation of Leader in Me. Engaging our students in learning the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in order to provide them with tools to become productive members of our school community and the community at large. Over the course of our journey, we have been equipping our school community with ways to enforce, reinforce and live by the 7 Habits in their home. On Thursday, September 19, 2019, we invited our parents/guardians to take part in a formative session as well as hands on learning of how these 7 Habits are a part of what we do daily.

Our Family Night began with an overview of how we implement and infuse the 7 Habits into our daily routine through student leadership roles and student goal setting. This informative session allowed parents to hear first hand, our expectations of promoting student leadership and how this expectation can be transferred to every home in our school community. Parents/Guardians then took part in authentic learning opportunities that showcased how interactions and activities encompass the 7 Habits. These activities included: Stress Relievers, Charades, Egg Drop, Puzzle Mix-Up activity, and "Telephone". We ended the night with all attendees coming back to the cafeteria were we discussed their experiences and then moved on to families creating a vision board based on their beliefs as a family aligned to the 7 Habits. We will reconvene in January to create new vision boards, as we believe that once you create a vision, positive things begin to happen.