Degrees and Certifications:

Cynthia Jewell

Stockbridge Elementary

SES has the largest ELL population and I think it is very important to connect to the various ethnic groups that exist within our school community. We celebrate the various cultures and host a day for families to present their cultural backgrounds during our annual Celebrating Families Dinner. Parents sign up to host a table and bring authentic artifacts from their host country including, but not limited to food, money, religious statues, clothing, etc. I have also attended birthday parties and a house warming event for a family of Indian descent. I attended soccer games for students of Hispanic lineage. Attending these events was very humbling for me as a leader because my family and I were the only minorities at these events. Each time we were also the only individuals who spoke only English. This allowed me to have deep gratitude for the rich heritage that is celebrated away from school. It inspired me to want to do more and to also celebrate the legacy of my own family.