Degrees and Certifications:

Shannon Ellis

Woodland High School

School and community connectedness are essential elements to the culture and climate at Woodland High School.  Building relationships is a founding pillar upon which Woodland High School was established when we opened our school doors in August of 2007.  It is vitally important that our teachers and staff members build positive and healthy relationships with our students and that our students are empowered to build wonderful relationships with their teachers.  We want our students to feel valued, appreciated and connected to our school. This year, we have piloted the School Connect Program, which is a Social Emotional Learning program with our Freshman class (WHS Class of 2023).  This program focuses on helping students to positively connect to school.  5 Star Service is the motto that we live buy when we are working with our parents and community members.  We strive to provide high-quality service to our parents and guests on a daily basis.  It is also important to me to be active on all of our Social Media platforms.  This is a great way that we can share all of the wonderful accomplishments of our students and a place that we can highlight all of the positive events that we have going on throughout the school year.  With regards to our faculty, at Woodland High School, we are family.  It is important to me that we attract and retain the very best staff for our students.  I hope that my faculty would agree when I state that we are FAMILY at Woodland High School and that we go above and beyond to support and “spoil” our teachers and staff members.  Woodland High School is one of the best places to work and to learn and I love what I do on a daily basis to support my students, my faculty and our school community.