Degrees and Certifications:

Toni Obenauf

Flippen Elementary

I have 23 new staff members in my building this school year. It has been important to me to make sure all faculty and staff feel welcomed and supported from the beginning to the end of this school year. I provided school supplies to each person based on the needs of their position when I welcomed them to FLES. I also utilized team building activities during pre-planning faculty meetings, and I will continue these activities during each faculty meeting this year.  I walk around the building each morning to speak with staff and see how they are doing. I also like to learn more about them and their families this way. I think making that personal connection helps them feel more comfortable when they need to come to me for something. There are other activities I have planned or I have asked others to plan in order to build connectivity with the entire staff such as: a tailgate luncheon where everyone brings food to share, going to a Friday night Hawks game together with other family members, a skate night competition with staff and students, and other events to come this school year. The atmosphere in my building has changed drastically this year as compared to last year. I think there are several factors that contribute to this change but I am also making a specific effort to build rapport with everyone this year in my building.