Sight Words

These are the words that we will work on throughout the year. Please practice, practice, practice!!


     Blue List


    a            look      

    the         with

    and        her

    go          what

    had        was

    he          were

    I            said

    see        that

    has        down

    you        they

    we         boy

    of          out

    am        do

    at          little

    to          be

    as          she

    have     there

    in          then

    is          when

    it          some  

    can      an

    his       me

    him      like

    on        my

    did       no

    girl      play

    for      so







    When you child masters all Kindergarten required words, he/she may continue on the Henry County HIgh Frequency Words List. 

    The more words they know, the better reader they will become!!


    High Frequency Words