• How to Replace Missing Work


    If work is missed due to an excused absence, it can usually be made up for full credit as long as it is done in a timely fashion (a week or so).


    If you have any missing work, I will accept it for at least 1/2 credit (but most likely 1/2 credit).  If the assignment is posted in Google Classroom, you must do the actual assignment.  If it is NOT posted in Google Classroom, you may do one of the "Article Summary" assignments listed below.  The instructions are given in the "Alternate Assignment" doc below.  An example of a correctly done article summary is also below.  You can email these to me as an attachment, share it with me on your Google Drive (let me know you did this), or print it out and turn it in.  Regardless, check your grade to make sure I have updated your grade.  It shouldn't take me more than a day or two.


    Here are the instructions:   Alternate Assignment Instructions


    Here's an example of how it should look:   Replacement Example




Last Modified on September 17, 2019