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    8th Grade Social Studies Syllabus 2020-2021

    Instructors: Tiffany Henry Email: tiffany.henry@henry.k12.ga.us  Phone: 770-507-5407

           Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!  

    Course Description

    In 8th grade, scholars will learn Georgia history, geography, civics, government, and economics. Scholars will examine historical events and conduct research by analyzing and/or interpreting secondary and primary sources, in order to obtain an in-depth understanding of Georgia’s role within the history of the United States.  

    8th Grade Georgia Studies Course Objectives/Content:

    Unit 1 Geography & Economic Growth in Georgia (1st 7.5 weeks) Scholars will…

    • Describe Georgia’s Geography and Climate.
    • Explain how the four transportation systems (road, air, water, and rail) of Georgia contribute to the development and growth of the state’s economy.
    • Evaluate the influence of Georgia-based businesses on the State’s economic growth and development.


    Unit 2 Early Exploration of Georgia (1st 7.5 weeks) Scholars will…

    • Evaluate the impact of European Exploration and Settlement on American Indians in Georgia.


    Unit 3 Colonial Georgia (1st 7.5 weeks) Scholars will…

    • Analyze the colonial period of Georgia’s history.


    Unit 4 Revolution to Independence (1st 7.5 weeks) Scholars will…

    •  Analyze the role of Georgia in the American Revolutionary.


    Unit 5 Foundations of Georgia’s Government (2nd 9 weeks) Scholars will…

    • Use random samples to make predictions about an entire population and judge the possible discrepancies of the predictions.


    Unit 6 Statehood and Westward Expansion in Georgia (2nd 9 weeks) Scholars will…

    • Begin to understand the probability of chance (simple and compound).


    Unit 7 The Civil War in Georgia (2nd 9 weeks)

    • Analyze the impact of the Civil War on Georgia.


    Unit 8 Reconstruction (2nd 9 weeks)

    • Analyze the impact of Reconstruction on Georgia.


    Unit 9 Georgia and the Long Civil Rights Movement (3rd 9 weeks)

    • Evaluate key political, social, and economic changes that occurred in Georgia during the New South Era.
    • Evaluate the role of Georgia in the modern civil rights movement.


    Unit 10 The New South (3rd 9 weeks)

    • Evaluate key political, social, and economic changes that occurred in Georgia during the New South Era.


    Unit 11 Georgia through Conflict (3rd 9 weeks)

    • Analyze Georgia’s participation in important events that occurred from World War I through the Great Depression.
    • Describe the role of Georgia in WWII.


    Unit 12 Post WWII and 20th Century (3rd 9 weeks)

    • Evaluate key post-World War II developments in Georgia.
    • Explain the importance of developments in Georgia since the late 20th century.


    Unit 13 Local Government and Juvenile Justice in Georgia (4th 9 weeks)

    • Explain how the Georgia court system treats juvenile offenders.
    • Analyze the role of local governments in the state of Georgia.


    Unit 14 Personal Finance (4th 9 weeks)

    • Explain the principles of effective personal money management.


    Unit 15 Milestone Review- Review of standards


    Unit 16 End of Year

    Show What You Know (ALL Units)



    Google Classroom 

    HMH Georgia Journey Digital Textbook

    Georgia Studies Digital Textbook https://www.gpb.org/education/georgia-studies/digital-textbook


    For additional information, visit my website via the Austin Road site at https://schoolwires.henry.k12.ga.us/Domain/14912

      Required Materials:

    Virtual Learning

     Chromebook (Fully Charged)



    Binder Notebook-Dividers or Spiral Notebook

     Face to Face Instruction 

    2-inch binder


     1 pack of Sheet Protectors

    Color Pencils

    Glue Sticks

     Dry Erase Markers

    Hand Sanitizer

    Box of Tissues (1)


                   Color copy paper (your choice)


    Grading System 

    A = 100 – 90                 B = 89 – 80                  C = 79 – 74                  D = 73 – 70                 F = below 70


    Grading Policy (Category Weights)

    Practice Work: 40% of grade


    Common Formative Assessments (Quizzes) 

    Notebook (minimum of two per term required)


    Assessment Tasks: 40% of grade

    Summative Unit Assessments

    Constructed/Selected Response Assessments

    Culminating Performance Tasks/Projects


    Semester Summative Assessment Tasks: 20%

                 Semester Summative Assessment/EOC

    Henry County Schools provides high school and middle school parents and scholars access to grades via Infinite Campus Portal on the Internet.  Please contact the school counselors and/or secretary to obtain your password.


    Non-Academic Grades

    Scholars will be evaluated on non-academic factors as follows through the conduct grade:

    S--Satisfactory          N--Needs Improvement          U--Unsatisfactory


    Virtual Classroom & Face to Face Classroom Expectations

    • Come to class prepared every day.
    • Actively participate in every lesson.
    • Complete all assignments to the best of your ability.
    • Be open minded during class discussions
    • Collaborate with classmates when necessary.
    • Be supportive and respectful to your classmates and teacher.
    • Take breaks before class begins (virtual and face to face). 
    • Avoid the use of inappropriate comments/posts in the chat section of the virtual platform.


    *Discipline Disclaimer- Inappropriate behavior will be reported to parents and administrators for further corrective actions. 


    Make-Up Work

    a. On the first day back from an absence, scholars are responsible for attaining and completing any missed assignment(s). The number of days allowed to complete make-up work will be commensurate with the number of days in which the scholar was absent. Failure to comply with this procedure will result in a grade of zero (0) being given for any graded assignment(s) that the teacher gave during the time of the scholar’s absence.

    b. Scholars assigned out-of-school suspension (OSS) will be allowed to make-up work upon return to school. The number of days to complete the assignment(s) is commensurate to the number of days of OSS (i.e., 3 days of OSS = 3 days to make up missing assignments).

    *c. If a scholar misses class during remote learning, they should access remote learning plans/assignments on the Remote Learning page of the school website to attain and complete assignments. 


    Late Work Policy

    Assignments that are not submitted on time will receive an “M” (missing) within the Infinite Campus gradebook. All scholars will be given ample opportunity to submit their work through activities to include but not limited to amnesty day(s), working lunch, before/after school tutorial, etc. For everyday after the due date, 10 points will be deducted from the grade.  After the task has been submitted, the teacher will then replace the “M” in Infinite Campus with the earned grade. Any assignment not submitted by the end of the unit, in which it was assigned, will remain as a permanent grade of zero (0%) within the Infinite Campus gradebook for the remainder of the semester.



    It is the scholar’s responsibility to find out what they miss when they are absent. Extra credit is given randomly throughout the year. Please take advantage of it. It is not given out by request.

    Don’t forget to join REMIND to receive one-way messages from the teacher!! 

    Remember to join using YOUR CHILD’S NAME

    Remind Codes: Text code to the number 81010



    Tutoring available every Wednesday morning at 8 am.  Scholars arriving after 8:10 am will not be allowed to attend the session.


    Chromebook use is allowed only during “power on” technology time.  Chromebook usage is for instruction only.  It is the scholar’s responsibility to ensure that his or her Chromebook is brought to school fully charged.  Devices will not be charged in the classroom.

    Cell phones are not permitted in the classroom.






    Scholar’s Name: ____________________________________ Class Period: ____________


    8th Grade Social Studies SYLLABUS  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT



    By signing this document, you acknowledge that you have read the syllabus in its entirety and will be held accountable if you do not meet the expectations stated above.

    Scholar’s Signature: ___________________________ Date_________________________

    By signing this document, you acknowledge that you have read the syllabus in its entirety and will do your best to support your scholar in adhering to the expectations listed in the syllabus.

    Parent’s Signature: _____________________________ Date__________________________



    Thank you, 

    Mrs. Henry

    Mrs. Walton

    Mrs. Benefield