• Part of celebrating homecoming is dressing up in theme with your fellow classmates and going all out, the dress up days are as follows.


    Monday - Meme Day

    Dress like your favorite meme, I heard VSCO girls are in right now!

    Tuesday - Tacky

    Socks with sandals, white after labor day, wear your tackiest outfit!

    Wednesday - Mathlete vs Athlete

    Dress up as your favorite athlete, or a nerd, or both at the same time!

    Thursday - Hall Theme Day

    Dress up as a character from your hall's theme. If you're a Senior dress up as your favorite horror film so on and so forth, but try and keep the blood and weapons to a minimum, thanks!

    Friday - SPIRIT DAY!

    Freshmen wear White, Sophomores wear Gold/Yellow, Juniors wear Navy, and Seniors throw em all together, go all out and celebrate Eagle's Landing!