• VEX IQ Robotics!


         Aren't we LUCKY? 

         Dr. Schmitt from OHS has agreed to sponsor 15 of our students in the VEX IQ Robotics Club and in competitions this year. I will be co-sponsoring and learning along the way!

         The high school team has won MANY awards at VEX competitions, and despite its small size, our elementary school did VERY well last year. The club has been expanded to 15 elementary students who meet once a week at the high school. We are broken into three teams of five, and have two high school students per team to mentor us.

         We are looking forward to a GREAT experience and are confident we will do well at the competitions!

         Please check back for a calendar with meeting and competition dates.

         You can also contact me or Dr. Schmitt via our email:


    Dr. Schmitt: