• What do you EXPECT?

    Posted by John Hardin on 9/6/2019 8:00:00 AM

    What do you EXPECT?

    In life, we have a lot of expectations.  Expectations of others.  Expectations of ourselves.  Expectations of experiences.

    There are so many things that we expect simply based on previous experiences and basic knowledge gained from studying, shared knowledge, or other means.

    But what about your school system?  What do you expect from your schools?  Of course, it all depends on the shoes in which you are walking.  Are you a student in the middle years of your education or a senior about to graduate?  Are you a parent enrolling their child for the first time or a parent with a child of special needs?  Are you a business member who has supports the local sports team or are you a community member looking to make an impact through Partners in Education?

    No matter the shoes you walk in, we know that there are many expectations placed on our school system.  And you should know that we embrace them all.

    Publicly sharing expectations is one way we feel we can best be accountable to the members of the school community and what they want to take away from their time in our schools.

    Everyone should know though that employees throughout the school district - district office and school-based - have high expectations of ourselves in delivering the high-quality education that we feel all students deserve.

    We are on the ambitious pursuit of becoming the fastest-improving and highest-achieving school district in the metro-Atlanta region while prioritizing student connectivity and belief in the capability of all children.  In order to reach our goals, we have to publicly share our expectations with the entire school community.  

    You will see our leaders share throughout the year a few expectations they feel you can hold them to.  These are not exhaustive lists nor are they original to one school or another.  These are opportunities to simply let you know that we care and we know that you expect so much of us.  We are ready to meet these expectations head-on and reliably ensure that your experiences in Henry County Schools are second to none. 

    Click here to see our leaders sharing what you can expect from them.

    EXPECT - Commitment

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  • Welcome Home, Chief Benjamin

    Posted by John Hardin on 9/3/2019 9:00:00 AM

    **Kleenex Alert**

    Never. Gets. Old.

    We love celebrating our military and helping facilitate surprise homecomings! This time it happened for Chief Benjamin (US Army) and his daughter at Ola Elementary. Two of their 4th-grade classes were in the media center for a surprise mystery reader. Little did they know that one of their classmates was going to be surprised as her dad returned home early from a six-month deployment overseas. This was an extra special homecoming for Chief Benjamin and his family as this was his last military homecoming due to his upcoming retirement from U.S. military service.

    Thank you, Chief Benjamin, for your service to our country during your career, and thank you for allowing us to make your final homecoming extra special! A special thank you to the Benjamin family for your commitment and sacrifice as well!

    #ExpectExceptional #BetterTogetherHenry

    Welcome Home, Chief Benjamin!

    To see more photos from the event, click here.

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