• book What is a Lexile?


    A Lexile measure is a score that matches a student’s reading ability with the difficulty of various texts. This Lexile measure can be interpreted as the level of books that a student can read with 75% comprehension. Lexile measures range from approximately 200L and 1700L. Some materials have Lexile measures below 200L and may have a BR (Beginning Reader).


     Where can I find a Lexile measure?

    Students receive a Lexile reader measure as a score on multiple assessments they may take. 

    Books and texts have a Lexile measure associated with them as well which describes the texts difficulty. When you use a reader measure and a book/texts lexile level, it allows you to match the reader with appropriate texts.


     How do I read this report?

    Reports of a Lexile may show a student’s Lexile measure or Lexile range.

    Lexile range (150 range like MAP scores): MAP provides us with a 150 Lexile range for our students. You can use this range to assign students the color or range of library books that they can check out. If you want to find the student’s individual Lexile measure, add 100 to the lowest number in their range. This will be the student’s Lexile measure (one number).

    Lexile measure (one number): If you only have the student’s Lexile measure, you can determine his/her Lexile range by adding 50 to their Lexile measure and subtract 100; in other words, locate 50L above and 100L below their reported Lexile measure. This range will represent that students easiest kind of reading material and the hardest level at which they can read independently.

    Now you can select reading material within that Lexile range. 

     Where should my students/child be on a Lexile level?

    Just like our MAP reports, the Milestones assessment provides our student with a Lexile band. The table below shows what text is appropriate for each grade band and what should be text that will stretch the students and help them gain in literacy skills. The goal is to have students be on the path to college and career ready; therefore, our students should have regular practice in reading texts that are within the “stretch” Lexile band each year.


    For more information, please visit: Lexile Framework Information

    HCS Lexile Information 


Last Modified on August 14, 2019