Henry County Schools is always excited to recognize the great people we have working in our district who ensure success for each student.

    Henry County Schools is pleased to recognize Beth Wilson as our Exceptional Educator in our district and we’d like you to know more about her!

    Name: Beth Wilson
    School: Cotton Indian Elementary
    Position: EIP Teacher
    Principal: Lisa Travis

    Principal Travis shared this about Beth:

    Ms. Wilson is an exemplary example of a true professional. Her why is evident each and every day, “her students”. Ms. Wilson goes above and beyond  every day for each individual she encounters. Ms. Wilson takes on many roles and responsibilities at our school with a smile and a great attitude. She uplifts her peers with positive notes and positive comments, there is nothing that she can’t turn into a positive.

    Our students love her, she provides activities based on their interests and ties all of that into meaningful learning experiences. Ms. Wilson also has an integral part in the success of our new teachers. She reaches out to all new teachers on a regular basis to see what they need and how she can support them. It is not uncommon to see her bringing them resources and purchasing things for them “just because!”

    Ms. Wilson always puts the needs of others in front of her own, she recognizes people around her and reminds them how important they are.