We are excited to introduce our new Standout Student!

    It is always special to recognize the great students we have in our district working diligently inside and outside the classroom to make Henry County the best it can be.

    Henry County Schools is pleased to recognize Alesia Fitzhugh as a Standout Student in our district and we’d like you to know more about her!

    Name: Alesia Fitzhugh
    School: Locust Grove Elementary
    Grade: 5th
    Principal: Dr. Attenya Scott

    Principal Scott shared this about Alesia :

    Alesia is such an awesome student to have as a part of our class. She excels in her academics and has the motivation and drive to push herself beyond the expectations for 5th grade. For example, when studying plant and animal cells, she produced a very creative model, strong explanation of the required structures, and even added the structures to her model that are covered in the 7th grade life science standards and the purposes for those as well. Therefore, she demonstrated mastery not only at the 5th grade level but even beyond using 7th grade standards. Not only does Alesia excel in her academics, but also overall behavior. I can't emphasize enough how much of a role model Alesia is our classroom. She is ALWAYS following directions, on-task, putting forth her best effort, and helping others. Peers definitely see her as a leader in the classroom and will often consult with her if they are confused or stuck in their work sessions.


    Overall, Alesia goes above and beyond in everything she does. Not only is she strong in her academics and challenging herself each day, but also in her classroom behavior as she truly is a leader and role model in the class. Alesia Fitzhugh, a 5th grade student at Locust Grove Elementary demonstrates a heart-filled passion of helping others within and outside her classroom setting.