We are excited to introduce our new Standout Student!

    It is always special to recognize the great students we have in our district working diligently inside and outside the classroom to make Henry County the best it can be.

    Henry County Schools is pleased to recognize Olivia Pike as a Standout Student in our district and we’d like you to know more about her!

    Name: Olivia Pike
    School: Cotton Indian Elementary
    Grade: 2nd
    Principal: Lisa Travis

    Principal Travis shared this about Olivia  :

    Oliva Pike is the greatest example of student leadership and models the 7 Habits on a daily basis. Not only does she have high expectations for herself but she expects greatness from others.  Her daily example leads to greatness in others. The other students watch her and want to be more like her.  She makes her classroom and our school better.

    One example of this happened during her first grade year.  After the hurricanes hit Florida and Texas she asked me her teacher if she could call a class meeting.  Of course, the answer was yes, class meeting are a part of our school culture.  She gathered her classmates on the rug where they meet regularly and told them with tears in her eyes how sad she was about what had happened and that “We just had to do something to help.”  Her and her classmates decided to start a school wide fundraiser to help the victims of the hurricanes.  They set their goal high…$1,000 the teacher, allowing students to own their learning and be responsible for their decisions, decided to go with it. Two Kindergarten classes helped as well.  They made announcements each morning and they set up a donation station in the café’ for people to make donations.  A former CIE teacher caught wind of this and involved her fifth graders. This school on the north side of town set up their own donation station and collected $50 and sent it to us.  Posters were hung around the school and flyers were made by our students and sent home. When it was all said and done $1001 were raised.  It was divided three ways and sent to three different elementary schools in Texas to help replenish supplies.

    This is just one example of many.  Olivia always has a great attitude and excited about what each day at CIE will bring for her and her class. She loves learning, she loves people and she has proven that no matter what your age you can make a difference in this world.